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Datatool - Tracker Monitor

TRACKER Monitor product has a sophisticated movement sensor, which notifies TRACKER if the vehicle is illegally moved. When TRACKER is alerted of an illegal movement the customer is contacted to confirm whether the vehicle has been stolen.

Only 32% of stolen motorcycles are ever recovered…

The Tracker unit is a small device that is fitted to your motorcycle. Once activated, this unit emits a silent signal that can only be tracked by the police. Based on proven VHF land based radio technology, Tracker enables the police to locate your motorcycle even if it is hidden in a container, garage or being transported in a van.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a yearly subscription charge for this service please contact us for latest price.




Advanced Motorcycle Protection from TRACKER



Motorcycles are twice as likely to be stolen as cars and only half as likely to be recovered

Can you afford to take the risk?

Vehicle crime is an ever-present problem, accounting for almost 19% of all recorded crime in the UK. With TRACKER you can protect yourself against motorcycle theft and its associated inconveniences.

Motorcycle crime – a very real business:

A large number of stolen motorcycles are transported in vans and containers, making them difficult to track and trace.

ONLY 32% of stolen motorcycles are ever recovered.

For high performance motorcycles, this recovery figure falls to 9%

Unlike TRACKER, GPS only based tracking systems become ineffective once the stolen motorcycle is hidden in a van or shipping container.

Protect your pride and joy with TRACKER, the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery system.

TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery products are operated by all 52 UK police forces. Using our unique Very High Frequency (VHF) radio technology, the police can track the stolen vehicle even it is being transported in a van, hidden in a shipping container or parked underground. This is unique, unlike our competitors’ GPS-only systems that rely on being able to see the sky to determine the location of your stolen vehicle.

With over £400 million worth of stolen vehicles recovered to date, it makes sense to protect your asset with a system you can rely on.