USB Charging Adaptor SAE
Part No: SAE102



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Optimate USB Charging Adaptor

NEW! Weatherproof OptiMate USB charger.  Powerful, safe USB charger to charge / power USB compatible devices while riding e.g. mobile phone, satnav, iPad, digital cameras etc.

Weatherproof OptiMate USB charger with 2 x 1m leads (2m total length).  Powerful, safe USB charger to charge USB compatible devices - e.g. mobile phones, navigation devices, MP3 players, intercoms, iPhone, iPad, digital cameras and many others. Use devices while using your car or bike, or recharge while stationary. The O-102 charger will turn off if the battery is lower than 12.4V, preventing accidental battery discharge.

Works with most USB powered devices including Apple, Garmin, Blackberry.


  • Weatherproof SAE connector
  • Weatherproof standard USB-A female connector with cover.


  • Low input(12.4V) auto-off
  • Short circuit proof
  • Overload protected

This accessory lead will fit the eyelet permanent connection leads with black SAE connectors as supplied with: all current OptiMates.

If your OptiMate or accessory has the white TM compatible connector, you need O-101