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Oxford Heated Grips for 50-250cc Scooters

These hotgrips have been designed specifically for scooters and smaller motorcycles which typically have smaller batteries and less powerful charging systems.

Ideal for commuting and city riding.  On the HIGH setting these grips will provide warmth and comfort in winter conditions and on the LOW setting they will provide comfort on cooler summer days.

Thanks to their unique expandable grip design and fool-proof wiring loom, they are extremely easy to fit.

Everything is included for easy fitment, including the correct drill bit for the panel mounted switch.


  • Moulded wiring arrangements is both durable and discreet
  • 1-peice moulded construction ensures unrivalled performance and reliability
  • Grip design fits the vast majority of bikes but can be cut down in size if required
  • Weather resistant, panel-dash fit switch with two heat settings
  • Durable rubber tread absorbs vibrations while providing good levels of grip
  • 2 x optional bar end plugs included for optional fitment


  • Your Oxford Hotgrips will get hot!
  • Always wear protective Motorcycle gloves!
  • Avoid contact with bare skin
  • Adjust the temperature so that it is comfortable with your specific gloves over prolonged periods of riding
  • Do not ride if the temperature becomes uncomfortable
  • If necessary, pull over and adjust the temperature