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Oxford Scootleg - Universal Leg Cover

Attaches to the Scooter and the Rider


  • Coverage: Generously cut leg cover for better all-round weather protection
  • Waterproof: Thick, waterproof polyester outer material with taped seams.
  • Warm: Quilted internal lining
  • Safety Buckles: Fits to the rider with neck and waist straps, incorporating safety break buckles that easily detach in case of emergency
  • Easy Fitting: Fits to the scooter via a webbed panel with Velcro fitting
  • Detachable bib: Detachable bib to enable use as a leg cover or full apron
  • Adjustable: Adjustable section to accommodate most scooter foot well humps
  • Lock Holes: Integrated lock holes enabling rider to lock it to their scooter
  • Seat Cover: Integral seat cover for weather protection when parked
  • Reflective: Reflective printing on front and sides for increased visibility