GSR750L1-L6 Clutch Kit
Part No: 21400-31830



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Genuine Suzuki Clutch Kit GSR750 L1-L6 (2011-2016)

Includes Friction Plates, Steel Plates, Springs and Clutch Cover Gasket (as below)

  • 8 x 21441-31EA0 (Friction Plates)
  • 1 x 21441-31E60 (Friction Plate)
  • 1 x 21442-31E21 (FrIction Plate)
  • 2 x 21451-31E00 (Steel Plates)
  • 7 X 21451-31E10 (Steel Plates)
  • 5 x 21413-08J00 (Springs)
  • 1 x 11482-40F10 (Clutch Cover Gasket)

Amazing value as the items bought seperately come to over £240

Model Application

Suzuki GSR750L1-L5 (2011-2015)