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Fuel Tap
  •   Cock and Fuel Level Guage
Oil Pan
  •   Sump
CDI and Signal Generator
  •   K4 Model
  •   Y K1 K2 and K3 Models
  •   Coils and Starter Motor Relay
Handlebar Switch and Clutch Switch
  •   Faired K3 and K4 Models
  •   Faired Y K2 Models
  •   Naked K3 and K4 Models
  •   Naked Y K2 Models
  •   Headlight Faired Model
  •   Headlight Naked Models
  •   Turn Signals Faired Model
  •   Turn Signals Naked Model
Speedometer and Tachometer
  •   Speedo and Tacho Faired Model
  •   Speedo and Tacho Naked Models
  •   K2 Model
  •   K3 and K4 Models
  •   Y and K1 Models
Frame Coverss
  •   K2 K3 and K4 Models
  •   Y and K1 Models
Front Fairing
  •   Cowling K2 Model
  •   Cowling K3 Model
  •   Cowling K4 Model
  •   Cowling Y and K1 Models
Front Fender
  •   Mudguard
  •   Mirrors and Cables
Headlight Housing
  •   Naked Models
Rear Fender
  •   Mudguard