Aprilia racing already hard at work on the RS457 trophy

POSTED: 09/11/2023



The goal is to attract a host of young riders to the track in an easy, safe, and engaging way. This is the first step towards a single-brand trophy future dedicated to the RS457, conceived strictly for factory bikes outfitted only with the minimalistic kit already being developed.

Aprilia RS457 is the new “little beast” from Aprilia, designed for your riders all over the world: lightweight and fun, it boasts the best weight/power ratio in its category and implements refined technical solutions derived directly from superior categories.

Simultaneously with the presentation of the factory model at EICMA 2023, Aprilia racing unveiled the racing kit that allows the RS457 to be easily transformed into a super accessible and fun track bike. Thanks to an outstanding technical starting base, the kit will be minimalistic and easily available to all, thereby allowing many young riders to approach a spectacular sport which is often considered prohibitive due to high costs.

Currently under development in the Aprilia racing department, the kit substantially leaves the bike as it comes from the factory, introducing just a few but important components, including a dedicated exhaust developed in collaboration with SC Project, Aprilia racing’s partner in MotoGP as well, a complete fibreglass fairing created along with plastic bike, specific footpegs and semi-handlebars, and racing tuning and components for the suspension.

The creation of a racing kit for Aprilia RS457 also represents the first step towards the birth of a future single-brand trophy dedicated to the new twin-cylinder from noale, conceived to race with strictly factory bikes, outfitted only with the aforementioned kit, in order to keep costs as low as possible.

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