Moto Guzzi Experience: The 2024 Travel Calendar. Ten Destinations, Between Europe And Africa, From May To December

POSTED: 01/02/2024

Moto Guzzi has not only created a series of incredible itineraries, but has also made a range of bikes available as trusty travel companions. With a choice of Touring and Weekend formulas, the world is your oyster as you head off with other Guzzi enthusiasts on trips of a lifetime along the roads of Europe and Africa.

Motorcyclists who love the sound of Mandello's twin-cylinder bikes just have to choose their favorite destination and bike, lower the helmet visor and set off, meeting other passionate Guzzisti, experiencing authentic emotions together on the road, discovering fascinating roads and landscapes, sharing moments unique, in the name of friendship, riding the eagle's motorbikes. No, they are not trips like others, but true experiences, to be remembered for a long time, and perhaps to be repeated during the year.

Head off on a fantastic adventure
Discover trips and experiences dedicated to true passionate people discovering new places among excursions, evocative landscapes and long on-the-road adventures with your Moto Guzzi. Awaiting you is a close-knit group of Guzzisti just like you who can't wait to reach new horizons and make genuine friends.

Experience unforgettable days
Much more than simply about getting from A to B, a Moto Guzzi Weekend is a 360-degree experience. Leave the everyday routine behind and discover how even the shortest mini-break can deliver thrills and emotions aplenty with a perfect mix of motorbikes, nights beneath the stars, great cuisine and pure adventure.

The 2024 edition includes 10 destinations, between Europe and Africa, from May to December, including Italy:

Tuscany (24-27 May)

The Balkans (15-22 June)

Belpaese, The Alps (3-11 July)

Belpaese, The Appennines (13-21 July)

Corsica & Sardinia (28 Spetember - 7 October)

Sicily (11-21 October)

Tunisia (2-11 November)

Andalusia (23 November - 1 December)

Portugal (6-16 December)

Morocco (26 December - 10 January 2025)

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