Piaggio 1, The New Version Is Here: More Powerful, Lighter And With Removable Battery

POSTED: 14/06/2023



The 2023 version of Piaggio's E-Scooter is now available: even more performance, ever more dynamic and brilliant, without giving up ease of driving. Piaggio 1, the electric vehicle to tackle urban commuting in sustainable way with style.

Piaggio's e-scooter for urban mobility, is now available in a  new,  more performing version, with the aim of guaranteeing increasingly brilliant commuting , always in safety and with maximum ease of driving.

Thanks to the interventions carried out on the Power Unit, the electric motor that equips Piaggio 1, integrated in the rear wheel, is now able to offer  greater power , which translates into  greater brilliance , always maintaining its qualities of simplicity and ease of driving, even in city traffic, characterized by frequent starts, and in a better starting point in the presence of slopes.

The battery is positioned under the saddle, easily removable in a few seconds and transportable for convenient recharging at home or in the office. 

Piaggio 1 is offered at the price of 2,899 Euros, FC

In the moped version, therefore with speed limited to 45 km/h, Piaggio 1 can now count on an  almost doubled peak power , equal to 2.2 kW. The result is a significant increase in acceleration, which improves by 14%.

In this new version Piaggio 1 combines the winning characteristics of the most modern electric scooters, created to move around the city center in total freedom, with  agility ,  lightness  and  practicality , even in maintenance, without giving up a performance comparable to that of internal combustion scooters.

In the full tradition of the first European scooter manufacturer, Piaggio 1 above all means  safety , thanks to  a solid chassis  devoted to riding pleasure, but also an  attractive design ,  high-level comfort  and roominess and a large technological equipment, which includes digital color instruments, full LED lights and keyless system . Piaggio 1 is also the only e-scooter in its category with a large compartment under the saddle, capable of holding a full jet helmet.

Piaggio 1 is offered in a dual range of colours : Forever Grey ,  Forever White  and  Forever Black  are the three more sober colours, which underline its essential and clean design, while  Sunshine Mix ,  Arctic Mix  and the new  Flame Mix  are three two-tone liveries which they exalt its younger and fresher soul.

Piaggio 1 Feng Chen Wang

A special edition that combines the technology and sustainability of the Piaggio 1 with the modern, multidimensional style of Feng Chen Wang. The result of this fusion of excellence is an experimental-looking, surprising and innovative scooter. A totally unique look in its category, it is an unprecedented opportunity to ride an emission-free original work of art around town.

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