Piaggio 2021 Beverly

POSTED: 03/06/2021



Twenty years on from its launch, the latest Piaggio Beverly arrives on the scene with plenty of upgrades, but still retains the same sporty no-nonsense attitude and elegant design.
Today, the Beverly is a crossover that combines the versatility and endurance of a medium high wheel with the performance and comfort of a luxury GT. Available in 300 and 400 cc versions, this exciting new formula takes power and comfort to another level for riders and passengers alike.
Versatility is key: the Beverly, a symbol of elegance and agility for over two decades, continues to evolve and surprise. It is 20 years since the Beverly burst onto the scene and notched up record sales and it shows no sign of resting on its laurels, breaking free of traditional categories to become a true versatile crossover.
Available in 300 and 400 cc versions, the stylish Beverly maintains the dynamic traits and endurance of a high wheel bike, but gains the safety, long distance comfort of a GT. Designed for urban commuting in its many forms and situations, its zippiness and great handling makes this tech-savvy Beverly the perfect companion around town and further afield, with plenty of room for a  passenger to share in the fun and comfort.
Enjoy the agility of a high wheeler and the comfort of a GT
Discover the stunning new chassis and unparalleled riding experience
Enjoy the brilliant performance of the latest Piaggio Euro 5-compliant HPE
Take a new Euro 5 compliant 300 or 400 cc HPE (High Performance Engine) and combine it with motorcycle chassis architecture and you have a winning formula. Not only do you get a notable increase in power and torque for outstanding performance and more agile rideability, but the single cylinder four-stroke, 4-valve, liquid-cooled package with electronic injection delivers reduced noise and fuel consumption, making it ideal for longer trips.
Also worth noting is the improved surface grip, thanks to the balance achieved through the high wheels and light alloy rims, with the front wheel 2” larger than the rear.
There’s no mistaking the original and much-loved distinctive design in this new sporty incarnation, but there are a few tweaks such as the redesigned front and side silhouette which takes on a more muscular look.. 
The LED indicators and parking lights highlight the edges of the shield to create a type of illuminated “signature” that is recognisable even during the day. LED lighting is also found in the rear while the numberplate holder takes inspiration from the motorcycling world.
Glossy black detailing and seven-spoke wheel rims are bound to grab attention, while the elegant double-upholstered, double-stitched saddle is testament to a meticulous level of attention to detail.
The only thing we haven't improved is the road
The Piaggio design team have worked their magic on the 300 cc High Performance Engine, resulting in a 23% increase in power over the previous model, 16% extra torque and Euro 5 compliance. Mechanical and electronic components have also been fine-tuned to optimise performance and reduce fuel consumption.
A new engine for greater performance than ever before
The new 400 cc High Performance Engine is more than a simple increase in cubic centimetres. Maximum power is 17% greater than the previous 350 cc version, while maximum torque increases by 30% for an engine that delivers over 35 horsepower and is Euro 5 compliant, giving the Beverly 400 the best power to weight ratio in the category.
Made in Italy style
The Beverly has always been elegant, but the latest incarnation is more dynamic than ever, with clean, decisive lines and details that highlight its sporty, gritty personality. The epitome of Made in Italy style, its artful combination of colours, materials and design is destined to have you swooning before you even hop in the saddle.

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