Shark Spartan Kobrak Helmet KBB

Part No: 209
Brand: Shark
Shark Spartan Kobrak Helmet KBB

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet in Matt Black and Blue

A classy and elegant helmet. Like the Race-R PRO, this model was developed using CFD (in simulating computational fluids). Its design has been entirely dictated by the desired functionalities: each line of the helmet is assigned a precise function, and its location on the shell is determined to guarantee optimal aerodynamics. 

The Spartan has a luxurious plush microfiber liner which feels extremely comfortable on your skin. The cheek pads wrap around the jawline blocking out wind noise and enhancing comfort. The large front and upper vent intakes and the double spoiler with incorporated air extractors are optimized for aerodynamics and internal cooling. The visor is equipped with the autoseal system. This flattens the visor onto the helmet, offering better soundproofing and seals the helmet against water and cold. The outershell of the Spartan is constructed from fibre glass, keeping the weight down (1390 g +/- 50 g) and safety at a very high level. The classic double-D strap retention system is fail safe and always allows enough adjustability for everone. Shark Easy Fit means you can easily fit a pair of glasses in this helmet. The Spartan is prepared for the Sharktooth Bluetooth system, with cutouts for the speakers and room for the battery pack of the Sharktooth system. Of course a different brand communication set will work as well!

  • Helmet Type:- Full Face
  • Helmet Matrial:- Fibreglass/Fibre Mix
  • Visor:- Internal Sunvisor, Pinlock Max Vision Included
  • Chin Strap Buckle:- Double D


  • "SHARK SKIN" peak side fastenings: active reduction of whistling noise
  • Double spoiler with incorporated air extractors: optimization of the aerodynamic trail and internal cooling
  • Pinlock MaxVision visor a standard feature

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